SAMARAS & ASSOCIATES S.A. – CONSULTING ENGINEERS General Commercial Registry Number: 117398504000, a member of the Samaras & Associates Group, is the largest and best-staffed design company in Greece. A market leader, the company provides Integrated Technical & Consultancy Services to both the private and the broader public sector.
With considerable technical knowledge and hands-on experience for over 25 years, the company provides its services to more than 5,500 customers throughout Greece, major business groups, multi-national companies and the most important public sector agencies.

The defining feature of the company’s strategy is the provision of total quality services to customers. Specialised, cutting-edge technical knowledge, high-quality services and extensive knowledge and application of Greek and international legislation are the key components that ensure the achievement of ambitious goals and successful projects. The company’s accumulated experience, diversity of projects in various sectors and vertical integration of services have made it the best-suited, most reliable associate.

Sectors of the Economy in which the company is active:
01 Industry/Processing
02 Tourism
03 Wholesale & Retail
04 Vehicle Service Installations
05 Transport/Logistics
06 Agri-nutritional Units
07 Establishments Providing Food & Beverages
08 Infrastructure
09 Environment
10 Energy
11 Education/Health/Sports
12 Real Estate
13 Public Administration

 evolved from the Designs & Technical Projects office of Dimitris Samaras, which began its activities in 1992, based at 7, Agiou Mina Street, in the centre of Thessaloniki. Since then, the company has enjoyed steady growth and is currently a market leader in Thessaloniki and Athens, carrying out activities throughout Greece.


Establishment of the Designs & Technical Projects office of Dimitris Samaras in the centre of Thessaloniki.


Conversion of the Designs Office into a company with the corporate name D. SAMARAS & ASSOCIATES Technical Works Company, boasting dynamic staff and continuous expansion of activities.

The company relocated to new, state-of-the-art, privately owned facilities at the ‘Limani Center’ commercial and business centre in the FIX area, at 43, 26 Oktovriou Street in the Port district of Thessaloniki.


Certification of the company under the ISO 9001 quality standard.


Establishment of the Athens branch, situated at 168, Syggrou Avenue.


Conversion of the company into a Société Anonyme with the corporate name SAMARAS & ASSOCIATES – CONSULTING ENGINEERS S.A. and expansion to new areas of activity.


Further certification of the company under the ISO 14001 Environmental Management standard and the OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health & Safety standard.


Relocation of the Athens branch to new, state-of-the-art facilities in the Syntagma district, at 10, Panepistimiou Street.

01 Technical Chamber of Greece (ΤΕΕ)
02 Thessaloniki Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TCCI)
03 Professionals’ Chamber of Thessaloniki (EETH)
04 German-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce & Industry
05 Italian-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce of Thessaloniki
06 Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Greek-Russian Relations
07 Federation of Industries of Northern Greece (SVVE)
08 Greek Tourism Confederation (SETE)
09 Hellenic Association for Construction Quality and Development (SEPAK)

Vision & Mission


To remain market leaders, ensure sustainable growth aiming at providing total-quality services to customers, and offer a safe & productive environment for our employees.


To boost private and public agencies through our services, in order to forge strong, long-term relationships of loyalty.

Principles & Values

  • Improving our communication with customers and providing high-quality services by focusing on the solution and not on the ‘problem’
  • Achieving growth of our workforce through the development of our employees’ capabilities and skills at every level
  • Our actions are governed by professional ethics, confidentiality, consistency and responsibility, focusing on high quality and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Adding value to the markets in which we are active by adopting the principles of Corporate Responsibility

Main Strategy Axes

01 Customer orientation
Satisfying our customers’ needs and expectations is at the heart of our decisions and the development of our services. Always aiming at properly serving our customers, the company pays close attention to developments in the market and is constantly adapting on the basis of the changes and requirements dictated by the current business environment.

02 Attention to detail
Attention to detail is the catalyst for the company’s success over the course of 25 years. Our exceptional organisation and reliability serve as the basis for our vision and make the company a trailblazer in every area of activity.

03 Business Excellence
We strive to continuously improve our performance in order to achieve excellent business results. Highlighting strong points and identifying areas of improvement are our chief concern, ultimately aiming at achieving excellent performance in relation to business results, our customers, our workforce and society.

04 Leader Mentality
The main factors that contribute to the growth of the company and have made it a leader in the Greek and international market are its experience and development, combined with specialised, highly knowledgeable staff.

Human Resources

Our Human Resources are the most important ‘capital’ and strongest competitive advantage of SAMARAS & ASSOCIATES S.A. – CONSULTING ENGINEERS, given that the achievement of the company’s goals and pursuits greatly depends on the presence of specialised and experienced staff members.

Staff education and growth are the most important ‘vehicles’ for upgrading the professional level of our Human Resources and, consequently, of the company. The continuous improvement of our staff’s professional skills and knowledge through their participation in numerous seminars organised by the company and their continuous briefing on the latest developments in their areas of activity, combined with the promotion of self-education and lifelong learning, are key factors.

At the same time, SAMARAS & ASSOCIATES S.A. – CONSULTING ENGINEERS offers an exceptional work environment where teamwork, cooperation and the continuous search for knowledge are fostered and where the opportunity to grow depends exclusively on the determination and performance of each associate.

At present, SAMARAS & ASSOCIATES S.A. – CONSULTING ENGINEERS employs approximately 100 scientific (engineers of various specialisations) and administrative staff members with high-quality scientific and technological training.

Quality Assurance

Aiming at business excellence, the administration and employees of SAMARAS & ASSOCIATES S.A. – CONSULTING ENGINEERS actively contribute towards upgrading internal procedures in order to provide high-quality services and create long-term relationships of cooperation and trust with customers.

The quality of our services is a driving force for the growth of the company, contributing to its effective operation, the improvement of the level of services offered and increased customer satisfaction.

Identifying the current market requirements in time, SAMARAS & ASSOCIATES S.A. – CONSULTING ENGINEERS received ISO 9001 quality certification in 2006. Today, the company has been certified under and implements the following systems:

01 Quality Management System under ISO 9001

02 Environmental Management System under ΙSO 14001

03 Business Continuity Management System under ISO 22301

04 Security Management System under ISO 27001

05 Anti- Bribery Management System under ISO 37001

06 Road Safety Management System under ISO 39001

07 Health and Safety at Work Management System under ISO 45001

08 Energy Management System under ISO 50001

Attestation of Conformity for Covid 19

Company Commitment
The Management Systems implemented by SAMARAS & ASSOCIATES S.A. – CONSULTING ENGINEERS are guided by the company’s general strategy, which aims at providing optimal support to customers through services that offer high added value, which our employees provide with flexibility and a spirit of innovation.
The company’s Administration and executives believe that high quality is achieved through continuous efforts by every employee on a daily basis, by steadily and consistently adhering to the following main strategy axes:
01 The comprehensive, systematic satisfaction of its customers’ quality requirements.
02 Compliance of company services with the legislative and regulatory provisions in force.
03 Faithful application and continuous improvement of the company’s Quality Assurance Systems.
04 Appropriate work planning.
05 Continuous communication with customers.
06 Optimal allocation of tasks, duties and responsibilities amongst employees.
07 Setting measurable goals for the performance of the company and systematic monitoring of their implementation.
08 Availability of all necessary resources and utilisation of technological developments.
09 Excellent organisation, training and development of staff, encouragement for the continuous improvement of its associates.
10 Development of Corporate Social Responsibility.
11  Preservation and strengthening of the company’s position as a market leader, further specialisation in the area of designs.


The company’s facilities in both Athens and Thessaloniki operate using state-of-the-art equipment, aiming at reducing company operating costs and optimising the services provided to customers.

SAMARAS & ASSOCIATES S.A. – CONSULTING ENGINEERS is housed at privately owned facilities at the ‘Limani Center’ commercial and business centre in the FIX area, on 26 Oktovriou Street in the Port district of Thessaloniki. Its building facilities cover an area of 300 sq.m. and include air-conditioning office spaces, presentation-meeting rooms and a training room.

The company’s main technological equipment, which consists of computer and telecommunications systems, furniture, machinery and office appliances, has been selected according to strict reliability and productivity criteria, in order to satisfy the requirements for the efficient operation of a cutting-edge company active in this area, whilst also ensuring optimal work conditions for its staff.

The systems installed include specialised software and programmes for the security and protection of the company’s electronic data.

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