9 May 2019

The Holocaust Museum of Greece

The joint venture of «Samaras & Associates SA – Consulting Engineers» and «Hill International N.V.» has undertaken the project management of the Holocaust Museum of Greece. A project of great importance not only for the…

8 May 2019

Until the 20th of May the closing date for the Programme «Commerce -Food and Beverage-Education»

A new deadline for supporting businesses through the Programme «Commerce -Food and Beverage-Education» from the «Partnership Agreement 2014-2020» was announced from the Ministry of Economy and Development. The interested parties could submit their applications until…

7 May 2019

«Paper VS Digital Environmental Registry »

The article demonstrates whether almost 7 months after its implementation the Digital Environmental Registry(DER) –an operational permitting tool developed for the Greek Ministry of Environment, Energy & Climate Change- has resolved the bureaucracy problem. Since…

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